Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday's View - Differences

dif·fer·ent /ˈdɪf ər ənt, ˈdɪf rənt/
not alike in character or quality; differing; dissimilar: The two are different.

not identical; separate or distinct: three different answers.

various; several: Different people told me the same story.

not ordinary; unusual.
[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < AF < L different- (s. of differéns), prp. of differre.

Different doesn’t have to mean bad. We have a tendency to vilify differences in others. It is a difficult thing to remain open minded and accepting when you have strong convictions of your own.

Over the years I have come to realize that things that make us different can be strengths rather than weaknesses. My husband tends to view things in very literal black and white terms, while I can see those gray areas and enjoy thinking outside the box. This pronounced difference in the way we view the world can cause conflicts and make things lively when we have discussions. After those discussions we can form a united perspective that is a marriage of the two views, a compromise in the middle ground.

Though I have used an example from my marriage as an illustration, the ability to accept and embrace differences is an important life skill used in the workplace, in community groups and at home. As a mom, the ability to see and celebrate the differences in my children rather than comparing them to one another prevents a lot of sibling resentment. No one wants to live in the shadow of a superstar sibling while their own special – different – talents go unsung.

These pretty pumpkins were captured on film while my youngest son and I enjoyed the fall festivities at Matthys Farm Market in South Bend. It was a grand time! We had the opportunity to tour the petting zoo, take a hayride, select a pumpkin, shop at the farm market and eat an elephant ear. My eight year old son was awed by his first experience with an elephant ear…good stuff. He might even want to have another one sometime, especially now that he knows they aren’t really ears at all! I am just in awe of the fact that he was willing to try it when he was worried about the whole ear thing=)

Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, trust in Your Creator and have a wonder-full day. It is a marvelous, mommy-ful life!

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p1n3appl_3m0n said...

I agree with your views on difference (being so different from everyone here myself). I also like how your posts relate back to your personal experiences with your family. Thanks for sharing! I am sure you are a great mom and I hope to be a great one, too -- some day.