Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome and Greetings - Intro. Post

This blog was born out of a requirement for one of my English courses…W315 – Writing for the Web. I hope you will join me as I chronicle my juggling act as a mom, wife, college student, full time employee, aspiring author, etc. I will regale you with - the highs and lows; trials, tribulations and triumphs; some favorite, well-loved recipes, and anecdotes from my crazy busy life juggling all those roles.

I have been a wife for nearly 18 years and have been a mother for 17 years. Working outside the home for the majority of those years, I am an old hand at juggling the demands and busy-ness of life as a working mom.

In 2006 I added another iron to the fire and returned to college to obtain a degree. Just this year I faced the challenge of seeing my oldest child off to school away from home. My first little one has flown the nest. My middle child, a band geek of huge proportions, has marching band practice and scads of homework nearly everyday, my youngest child, still in elementary school, needs a lot of homework help and supervision. In addition, I decided to add writing for the college newspaper to my routine. So far, so good and thank God for my very patient and supportive husband.

It is a marvelous, mommy-ful life!


Kirsten said...

It is nice to know a bit more about you and the daily juggling you have in your life. I did not realize that you had a child old enough to go off to school this year. You have your plate full, but I always believe that the busier you are the more that you can get done. I look forward to reading more about your and your daily juggling of LIFE!

Nate said...

I admire moms that go back to college. I can barley get by with a part time job and fifteen credit hours, let alone two children at different ages and a spouse. In thel last couple years I have been pushing my pops to finish his degree without a lof of luck.